Instantly Enhance Your Existing Helpdesk Knowledge Base (and Simplify Your Onboarding Process)

?dfsdfThe onboarding and training process is an important part of any new employee’s induction into your company.

But it’s especially important for your helpdesk. Onboarding and training are critical to the success of any helpdesk resource. And that applies, by extension, to your organization as a whole.

Your helpdesk serves a vital function within your company. When customers have issues with your product or need support, they immediately turn to the helpdesk. Your helpdesk is the heartbeat of your customer service operation. If it fails to provide meaningful support—or worse, creates end-user frustration—your entire company suffers.

Statistics show when businesses are unable to meet customer expectations, 56% of consumers do not hesitate to end the relationship.

How can you ensure your helpdesk employees are thoroughly trained to provide effective customer service? And how can you make sure your onboarding process is a seamless part of the orientation experience?

Why Enhance Your Existing Helpdesk System?

A good helpdesk amplification tool helps agents and customers alike. The goal is turn-key transformation, transforming an existing knowledge resource (including videos, PDFs, etc) into a robust, searchable knowledge base.

Done right, you provide instant reference and answers to any customer question.

Turn Your Current Assets into a Powerful New Customer Service Advantage

Your company already has a wealth of support knowledge and product information. How much of it is ready to help your helpdesk assist and support customers? The job of a helpdesk enhancement is simply to amplify the existing knowledge base. Specifically, to make information accessible and easily searchable, regardless of its format.

Natural language processing is the key. It takes existing resources—PDFs, videos, articles, etc—and makes them searchable. A good helpdesk enhancement will scan each help ticket as soon as it’s entered. Then it cross-references that language with your knowledge base, applying real-time intelligence to provide the best and most relevant resolution for the issue.

There’s a near-cruelty—and a gross inefficinecy—to forcing helpdesk agenets to search endlessly through multiple documents and formats when they’re trying to help a customer.  But guide them to the solutions they need and you’ll free them up to better understand the issue, and better address the customer.

These enhancements also simplify helpdesk training, as their primary interface becomes a one-stop solution to helping customers.

Less Searching, More Finding

Tweddle Group’s solution engineers have developed a fast, easy-to-use plugin solution to enhance your existing knowledge base. For a free demonstration, contact us today.


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