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Custom Education to Meet Your Business Goals

Most organizations are fully invested in the demands of daily business management. When the need for training arises, they lack the time, know-how and energy to construct their own resource education systems. At Tweddle Group, we built our reputation specializing in the development and distribution of reference materials, training tools and technical instruction. When the need for internal training arises, we offer classroom, online and flow-of-work training material to advance your business goals, applying the latest breakthroughs in educational science to accommodate the learning needs of individual students.


Cross-Industry Classroom, Virtual and Hybrid Training


Instructor-Led Classroom Training

There’s no substitute for in-person education led by an expert mentor. We structure our classroom training programs to make the most of this dynamic, balancing instruction with a flexibility that allows each student to set their own individual pace, so everyone takes the time they need to master each concept before moving on. Our end-to-end service covers instructor guides, student workbooks and visual aids.



Mastery education principles drive our eLearning offerings, with the added convenience of digital access. These eLearning programs put students in direct, experiential contact with your curriculum, while animated content keeps them engaged. We offer eLearning as a stand-alone training solution, or as integrated support for our classroom programs.


Supporting a Variety of Initiatives

Our interactive learning programs evolved from decades of producing technician support materials for our global OEM clients. Today, these curriculums support a wide range of industries, covering technical training, leadership skills, sales teams, internal safety initiatives and cybersecurity programs. Tweddle Group Interactive Learning offers effective custom or off-the-shelf education programs for organizations who want to increase productivity, communicate core messaging or expand resource skillsets.

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