Electronic Wiring Diagrams

Next-Gen Wiring Diagrams for a New Breed of Technicians

Electrical wiring diagrams are an essential tool for any technician in the diagnosis and repair of electrical issues. But current technology has surpassed the traditional wiring diagram’s capacity to present complex technology in a coherent, easy-to-follow way. To address this, Tweddle Group has developed a new way for technicians to navigate and search within electrical systems, designed to give them the advantage over the most confounding electrical layouts.


How to Solve Complex Wiring Issues Quickly


Multiple Ways to Navigate

Our Electrical Wiring Diagram platform offers customizable navigation options, so technicians can access and explore connector views, 3D component locations and harness routing, plus highlighted wiring views for specific DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes).

Custom Outputs

Outputs are fully customizable, too. Choose a fully navigable electronic SVG deliverable to create a flat, fully searchable PDF document. The development platform offers similar flexibility for authors, accommodating unlimited formats, layering, tagging and colorization opportunities.


Built-in Quality Checks

That same authoring and development environment features a range of built-in quality checks. An end-of-development processing layer verifies consistency between each original diagram and the final deliverable output for all identified connectors, pins and component names.

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