Interactive Learning

Powerful Mastery-Oriented Interactive Training Programs

Training can be about much more than skimming course content, taking tests and logging a minimum grade. When an organization has substantial, well-defined goals for their training—and wants to ensure students fully integrate the desired new skills—Tweddle Group’s training programs offer a portfolio of effective classroom, virtual and simulation-based interactive training programs.

Our training methods meet students where they are, encouraging them to review material until they fully grasp the concepts involved, letting them practice those skills to the point of mastery, and allowing your organization to measure skill mastery in meaningful, practical ways.

classroom-based interactive training

When New Skills Need to be Understood and Properly Executed

interactive training for technical education
remote interactive training


Expert consultation helps you define your training goals, then we assemble the ideal program to deliver the results you need, whether it’s in-class training, virtual education or a hybrid approach.

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Highly engaging virtual education programs apply the same advanced teaching principles to support a broad range of organizational initiatives, complete with animation, video and built-in testing. 

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AR for interactive training
interactive training VR


Take customers on a guided tour of your products, their usage and unique features. Users simply point their mobile device’s camera at your product. Our Image Recognition application responds with text or video information

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Our immersive simulations have provided a safe and effective way for the U.S. to train soldiers on complex military equipment. Find out how they can support initiatives in a wide range of industries.

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