Creating Huge Savings and New Revenue with Information

Tweddle Group provides one-stop product support service to global OEMs, through content development & management, creative services, digital print, and distribution solutions—all supported by proprietary technologies.

Designing information solutions that anticipate the needs of every user who interacts with a product is what Tweddle Group does, whether by simplifying and streamlining user data and access, or applying technology to enhance processes or deliver innovative new solutions. Simply put, Tweddle Group is a catalyst to OEM success; delivering proven solutions that build brand loyalty, excitement, and long-time customers.

With locations in the US, Belgium, Italy, and India, Tweddle Group serves a growing global customer base.



Our #1 product is partnership

Our customer solution model is simple, it’s effective, and it’s remained constant through decades of technological upheaval. First, we analyze the customer’s current tools, processes and goals. We work side-by-side with them to understand what challenges they’re facing, and where they need to become more efficient.

Troubleshooting your existing information flow

Once we’ve compiled comprehensive analytics, we diagnose gaps in the client’s operation. We identify duplication of effort, points where information gets lost or becomes outdated, process junctures prone to wasted time or money lost. We consider the customer`s needs, budget and scheduling, and we incorporate their current processes, finding ways to leverage their existing data flow more effectively.

Revolutionize your business

Finally, we implement the appropriate solutions from our offering suite to streamline client operations, creating on-demand information platforms to better serve teams and customers, to radically improve your FTFR (First Time Fix Rate) statistics, to preserve the uptime of heavy equipment, to create technical documentation that actually generates revenue, to make global operations seamless.



We’re committed to conducting our business in sustainably, and we’re proud of our certifications with the Forest Stewardship Council, the British Standards Institution and the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership.




MarCom International Competition Gold Print Media Award

W3 Awards

Telly Awards

PR News Awards

Hermes Creative Awards

Horizon Interactive Awards

Macomb County Champion of Workforce
Development Award

Detroit Free Press Top Tech Industry Workplace Award

Crain’s Detroit Cool Places to Work

Crain’s ‘Fast 50’ List of the 50
Fastest-Growing Companies in Michigan

Core Values

Our core values actively guide everything we do—as teams, as a company and as individuals, whether we’re dealing with our partners, our community and one another.

Customer Focus
Global Perspective
Keeping Commitments
Our Environment
Ownership Attitude
Passion for Growth


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