How to Clear DTCs Quickly and Accurately

Traditional diagnosis is only capable of identifying the presence of an electrical failure—it remains the technician’s responsibility to locate that electrical failure’s root cause. When faced with multiple DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), this search can waste time, incur additional cost, even damage the product itself. We developed TRACER as a next-gen diagnostic tool specifically to resolve these issues. TRACER brings dramatic speed, cost reduction and accuracy to the process of electrical diagnosis.


Intelligent Electrical Diagnosis


How TRACER Works

TRACER recognizes DTC patterns indiscernible to individual technicians. It calculates these patterns to identify root-cause issues—down to the exact component, module or pin—then guides the technician to the precise point of failure. This speeds the assessment of complex circuit and non-circuit issues, eliminating damage to parts and materials. The system gains intelligence with each use, and flags your enterprise to common failures, so you can resolve them before they spread.

Where and When TRACER Works

The system brings the same high performance across multiple platforms, plants and dealership locations, and can unify those locations under a single purview. Manufacturers leverage TRACER at multiple points in the production and product life cycle. It provides a huge boost to new product launches, where unfamiliar DTC clusters frequently sideline products otherwise headed to the dealership floor and lowers the cost of other phases including end-of-the-line testing, in-line testing, recalls and warranty repairs.


Easy Installation

TRACER is plug-and-play run-time software. It installs quickly from the cloud or local area network (LAN) servers to existing OE Tier 1 and dealership test systems. TRACER is user-friendly and intuitive, and because it requires no extensive re-training or new hardware, organizations start saving money the moment they implement the system.

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