Image Recognition & Training Simulations

Greater Knowledge Retention with Augmented Reality and Extended Reality

The rising popularity of immersive learning experiences should come as no surprise. In study after study, augmented visual and simulation-based training modes outperform all other methods. People learn more when engaged, and by combining each of the primary learning styles—visual, auditory, linguistic and kinesthetic—Extended Reality technologies open unexplored territories for training and education. Extended Reality (XR) and training simulations provide a safe, powerful alternative to other forms of training and feature built-in options for performance monitoring and analytics.


Immersive, Hands-On Learning Experiences


Visual Product Exploration with Image Recognition

Our Image Recognition solution creates an application environment which guides the user through an Augmented Reality tour of your physical product’s features and functions—simply by pointing your mobile device’s camera at that product. Deliver content in whatever format best suits each piece of information—from video to pop-up-text windows. Image Recognition creates an entirely new way for customers to explore your products, one that is immediate, intuitive, and highly informative.


Training Simulations for Battlefield Defense & Beyond

Our interactive simulations have helped train soldiers in the field and technicians in their service bays. Simulation training places the learner in an immersive environment, practicing the skills they need for success in “real-world” conditions—free of adverse consequence—until mastery has been achieved. Gamified elements maintain attention and can be structured around any task or desired outcome, making these trainings perfect for battlefield defense, drone operation, medical procedures, technical training and more.


Optimized UX/UI for Greater Learning Value

Interactive learning depends, to a critical extent, on User Experience. Our Interactive Learning teams specialize in User Experience and User Interface (UX/UI) optimization, applying design principles to increase the power, engagement, and ease-of-use within XR training simulations and image recognition AR. By leveraging the latest best practices in learning with the latest research in UX/UI, we help clients heighten user immersion, encouraging repeat use and reinforcing long-term knowledge retention.

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