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Improve Your Operational Efficiency with XML Structured Authoring

It’s easy for organizations to lose control of their information assets, particularly as products evolve and business expands into new markets. But documentation often lies scattered and duplicated in multiple formats on a variety of support channels. Without the strong, centralized asset management systems enabled by XML structured authoring, teams lose track of version authority, wasting time and promoting error throughout your operation.

Tweddle Group’s Asset Management systems aggregate owner information, technical content and service & diagnostic information as discrete, topic-based written and visual assets without disrupting the teams who rely on them. XML structured authoring prepares your assets for high-value distribution through the optimal channels, automatically customizing it for the different regions and markets, even offering visual information in a variety of searchable, navigable 2D and 3D viewing options. As product teams revise parts and procedures, the relevant outputs update automatically, saving time for your teams, eliminating mistakes, and removing obstacles to operational efficiency.

Better Management of Written, Visual & Technical Content



A new method for managing and exploring electrical systems, giving technicians a crucial advantage in an era of unfamiliar technology and increased complexity.



Optimize management and use of your entire spare parts ordering system with advanced search and navigation, creating shorter lead times and fewer incorrect parts orders.



Our component-based CM improves localization for regional product and language variations. Automated translation memory saves time and money.

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