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Make Excellent Service Automatic—for You AND Your Technicians

What if there was a way to lower the resource burden of your service operation while making every aspect more accurate and effective? What if you could provide VIN-specific reference information to the field, ensure the execution of warranty/recall procedures and simplify administration with single-click updates and easy customizations by-region? This is not a pipedream. This is Service Portal.

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Centralize Control of Your Service Operation

centralized control of service operation activity

Put an end to Silo Syndrome

Technical documentation lies scattered throughout all levels and departments of an organization, creating issues for anyone required to access or distribute it. Service Portal pulls this relevant technical data out of its silos and puts it in one place, where it’s automatically indexed and prepared for easy translation, visualization and distribution. This single-source structure makes it easier to maintain information quality and reduces the total cost of technical information ownership.

service portal for more accurate field service

Lower the Cost of Repairs

Reflecting on their own experiences in service and repair, our solution engineers designed Service Portal for maximum impact where it’s needed most—the daily operations of service technicians. Service Portal improves the speed of diagnosis and makes repairs more accurate by providing technicians direct access to VIN/PIN-specific reference material for the product they’re working on, including historical data and Technical Service Bulletins, all through a single screen.

service operations become more profitable with service portal

A More Profitable Approach to Service

Service Portal’s single-source organization lowers the costs of hosting and maintaining technical information. As technologies or regulations change, one-click updating replaces convoluted change development processes, while centralized control lets leaders assign group or individual permissions for every feature in the system. Service Portal features powerful multi-language support and makes it easy to deliver customized product information when specifications vary from one region to the next.

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