Guided Diagnostics

Reinventing Diagnosis, Authoring and Repair

The demand for skilled technicians continues to rise against a dwindling collective workforce. Fewer new technicians are entering the field, rapid advancements in product technology challenge seasoned technicians, and technical training programs are struggling to keep up. Industry leaders must find new ways to mitigate this discrepancy or face skyrocketing costs and extended product downtimes. Guided Diagnostics arrives at this critical juncture, providing an innovative path to lower costs, improved FTFR statistics and greater efficiency for both new and veteran technicians.


Increased productivity for all your technicians


A Smart Solution to the Technician Crisis

Tweddle Group’s Guided Diagnostics platform makes it easy for technicians to quickly find and resolve the root cause of a complex system failure. It evaluates error codes, symptoms and other conditions, then efficiently guides the technician to the most probable solution. A machine learning component brings intelligence to Guided Diagnostics by analyzing actual field data, making its diagnoses more accurate with each completed repair.


Significant Savings for OEMs, Dealers and Technicians

Guided Diagnostics allows technicians to search for root cause by error code or visible symptom. The system guides them to a successful repair through a straightforward series of questions and tests. With its improved speed and accuracy, Guided Diagnostics reduces wasted labor time and incorrect parts orders, lowers call center volume and eliminates the unnecessary product damage caused by traditional exploratory diagnosis.


Authoring and repair for a wide range of product categories

Guided Diagnostics is industry-agnostic by design, offering faster, more accurate diagnosis for a wide range of product categories—vehicles, machinery, powersports, heavy equipment and other devices. The system integrates with customer service portals, service histories, warranty and other data systems. An intuitive authoring environment lets authors create and publish diagnostic cases or guides based on traditional fault trees or using a new, treeless format.

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