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The Smart Choice for All-in-One Print-Kit-Ship and Inventory Management

High-quality kit assembly and fulfillment represent a complex, labor-intensive business obligation, encompassing printing, manufacturing, quality control, inventory management and distribution. Limited operations may opt for a mix of in-house resources and outsourcing but, beyond a certain scope, these makeshift workflows become inflexible, error-prone and cost-prohibitive. For decades, global industry leaders have relied on Tweddle Group’s unmatched OEM kitting solutions for full-service kit assembly and fulfillment.

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Error-free kit assembly

Our automated kit assembly system can save untold resource hours for an organization, eliminating both the need for manual kit assembly and the opportunity for error associated with this by-hand approach. Our production lines scan bar-codes to verify the correct component selection. As kits are shrink-wrapped, labeled and packed, precision scales further guarantee proper assembly with weight sensitivities high enough to detect a single errant business card.

OEM kitting solutions and inventory management

Expert inventory management

Through complete integration with client systems, we optimize and continually improve their inventory control and coordination. We monitor asset demand and predict asset demand and support Just-in-Time (JIT) workflows, so materials are always available but only produced when needed. Our Print-on-Demand division eliminates high-minimum print runs and, by having all these services under one roof, we’re able to flexibly scale and schedule each project for maximum efficiency.

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Certified Q1 Quality and on-time delivery

Tweddle Group’s Print-Kit-Ship reputation hinges on incredible, best-in-class quality. For decades we’ve exceeded the most stringent auto industry standards, honing our capabilities to earn Q1 Quality Certification. Our OEM kitting solutions demonstrate a consistent record of on-time, error-free delivery. Organizations turn to us when they demand a perfect final product, and an expert partner to help navigate the often-confusing world of production volume, scheduling and quality assurance.

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