Electronic Parts Catalog

Dynamic Improvements for Your Parts Ordering System

Many parts catalog solutions only cover publication. Electronic Parts Catalog manages the entire parts ordering system, creating shorter lead times and error-proofing each point in the process. Powerful authoring tools make it easy to maintain informational integrity while an interactive front-end delivers faster, more accurate parts selection for the end user.


The Most Efficient Approach to Spare Parts Management


Interactive and intuitive

Time is money, especially when mechanical failure takes machinery offline. Tweddle Group teams designed Electronic Parts Catalog’s flexible interface to take the friction out of selecting and ordering replacement parts. Users can search for parts by VIN or serial number, navigate according to functional areas, or identify parts visually by examining technical drawings and exploded dimensional views.


The Right Part, Every Time

Beyond its intuitive interface Electronic Parts Catalog is, at its core, a comprehensive parts management system featuring supplier tracking, product definitions and robust change management. Authors build each catalog from an original Bill of Materials, then EPC monitors alignment between BOM and CAD data to ensure that, even when suppliers, parts or part numbers change, the system continues to deliver accurate parts with every order.

Seamless Business Integration

To remain profitable, a parts ordering system must interact with an organization’s wider ecosystem. EPC plugs into labor times and workshop procedures to eliminate time wasted by manual cross-checks. Wiring, hydraulic and pneumatic diagram integrations enable single-screen systems analysis. And EPC integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning to create full e-commerce solutions, complete with transport documentation and invoicing.

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