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Diagnostic Solutions for Every Stage of the Product Life Cycle

Technologies advance exponentially while technician communities continue to dwindle. It’s never been more critical to ensure every technician has the tools they need for fast, accurate diagnosis. Our diagnostic tools boost organizations with efficiency improvements at every level, from enterprise to technician:

• Holistic AI analysis of all potential error combinations
• Intelligent system increases in accuracy with each session
• Level the playing field between experienced lead techs and junior technicians
• Up to 80% savings on diagnostic resource hours*
• Lower warranty costs by reducing associated diagnostic resource hours
• Self-help tool creates up to 30% fewer calls to your Technical Helpline*

We combine firsthand field experience with tireless research to create diagnostic solutions that address technician pain points while making it easier to improve product quality at the enterprise and engineering levels.

*Precise changes in operational efficiency may vary, and are subject to multiple outside factors and regulatory policies, including FMVSS/CMVSS and more.

diagnostic tools

Better Diagnostics on the Line and in the Field


Guide the technician through the maze of DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes), allowing them to visually pinpoint the root cause of DTC clusters and non-circuit failures. 

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Improve your team’s FTFR (First Time Fix Rate) and create a seamless experience for technical authors with a more intelligent approach to field diagnostics and repair. Learn more

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