Component Content Management (CCM)

Expert Knowledge Management

Growth is a positive development for any business. It’s also where many organizations confront the deficiencies of their content management strategy as they struggle to navigate the maze of content governance, localization and business rule validation.

Decades of OEM service have made Tweddle Group experts in metadata, taxonomy, and diverse formats and delivery requirements. Our XML-based content management structure takes the pain out of stylesheet development, removes barriers to growth and opens the door to scalable new-market expansion.


After-sales to Drive the Next Sale


Cross-industry XML Content Design

We based Tweddle Group’s content management systems around an adaptable XML core. This approach renders client content highly portable, and is 100% product-agnostic, making it the ideal solution for transforming service & diagnostic material, owner information and other technical content in a wide range of industries. In addition to traditional automotive OEMs, we support agricultural and heavy machinery, battery electric vehicles, recreational vehicles and medical equipment.


Topic-based, Multi-channel Content Portability

While traditional information services manage content on a per-document basis, Tweddle Group’s component-based approach deals with information at the granular level. We tag information semantically, classifying it by type, context, applicability, and terminology, allowing clients to distribute highly relevant content on a per-market basis through their preferred distribution channels—from self-service websites and connected platforms to high-volume pagination for printed material.


Full Content Localization with Translation Memory

Once an organization’s source material has been mapped to a consistent XML format, Tweddle Group coordinates all translation services for video captioning and audio voiceover, in addition to traditional print localization. We manage your translation vendors and leverage best-in-class translation memory technology. This workflow pinpoints version changes on the smallest scale. We revise only what’s necessary and pass the resulting cost-savings along to our clients.

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