Are the Right Explainer Videos Representing Your Products on YouTube?

You’ve Got Some Explaining to Do

Imagine your next new business pitch. You’ve thought long and hard about your target audience and how to communicate with them. You’ve carefully planned every point and labored over creating the perfect presentation materials. Now imagine suddenly being called away on an emergency. The only person available to give your presentation is the guy who runs the snack shop in the lobby. Nice fella. He knows a bit about what you do for a living. He even has some casual knowledge of your product or service. Problem solved. He can explain everything there is to know about your products. Nothing to worry about, right?

If you haven’t invested in explainer videos, there’s a strong chance the unsettling story above is playing out. And not just once, but many times a day in the real life of your customers.

Video Upload Statistics

500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube EVERY MINUTE, with 1.68 billion worldwide YouTube users consuming that content.

Explainer Videos, Brought to You By Some Dude

Instead of carefully curated product information, you expose users and potential clients to poorly produced amateur explainer videos. They may be chock full of misinformation or even disparaging remarks about your product and/or company.

I recently did a search for removing a shelf from my refrigerator for cleaning. There was no content from the well-known manufacturer, but I found multiple videos on the topic from other users. The top two videos alone had a combined 480k views. One even specifically called out the manufacturer for not including this info in the owner’s manual. Yikes!

It seems self-evident, but once someone else makes your explainer videos, literally anyone could be representing your product. For the sake of discussion, and allowing for all other considerations, let’s call this person “Some Dude.” Can “Some Dude” represent your product well? Will “Some Dude” represent your product factually, and in a positive light? Will they offer clean, concise, accurate product information? Roll the dice, because who knows?

Some Explainer Video Statistics…

Now consider the fact that 55% of people use explainer videos before buying as research in their ultimate purchase decisions. Adding to the worry, there’s a solid chance your competitors are producing content for similar goods. Those are showing up when users look for your product’s information.

Perform a quick audit to see how things stack up for your product or service. Head to YouTube and search for your product a couple of different ways; by its proper name, (ex. Top Brand Name Air Compressor) and using words consumers generally use when speaking about your product (ex. air compressor). Evaluate the following:

  • Are amateur explainer videos for your specific product coming up on page one of the search results?
  • Are explainer videos for competitors’ products appearing on page one?

If you answered yes to one or both of these questions, it’s past time for you to take control. It’s time to create your own YouTube explainer video footprint.

Develop a Winning Explainer Video Strategy

So, now you realize you need to step up your video presence. What’s next?

Develop a Winning Explainer Video Strategy. There are varying levels of production quality across YouTube. Experienced video producers can help you determine the best and most cost-effective approach for your needs. Well produced explainer video content doesn’t have to break the bank.

You’ll want to make sure the team you work with also has search engine optimization (SEO) expertise. This will help ensure that your explainer video investment appears on the first page of a user’s YouTube search. Without SEO, your efforts will be wasted.

Once these videos exist, take advantage of uses beyond YouTube. Elevate your company or product’s online presence with brand sites, social media, mobile web and blogs.

“Some Dude” may or may not know much about your brand. Even then, who knows how they’ll represent it? Don’t let “Some Dude” be the online face of your product or service. Trust your explainer video content to collaborative professionals. Find a team who understands the best and most concise ways to present accurate, understandable product information.


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