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Revolutionize Your Electrical Diagnosis

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The root cause of huge profit loss

Sure, traditional diagnosis can identify electrical issues. But it can't pinpoint a failure's root cause—or reveal its precise location. Consider the costs associated with the typical diagnostic process for complex and multi-faceted electrical failures:

  • High trouble rates during new product launches
  • Damaged parts and destructive teardowns caused by the misdiagnosis of non-defective parts
  • Extended storage in factory holding areas
  • Idled repairs at dealerships
  • Recalls and warranty repairs

And, consider the cumulative impact as these issues strike assembly plant end-of-the-line testing, in-line testing, repair bays and yard quarantine campaigns.

Pinpoint massive savings

TRACER brings sweeping cost reductions to the realm of electrical diagnosis. This groundbreaking tool:

  • Enables fast, efficient repair of root-cause electrical issues
  • Simplifies assessment of complex circuit and non-circuit issues
  • Identifies issues in specific components, modules or pins
  • Directs the technician to the precise location of failure
  • Works across multiple platforms, plants and dealership locations
  • Eliminates damage to parts and materials
  • Gains intelligence with every session
  • Flags common failures, so you can fix them before they spread

Great. But it's a pain to install, right?

Nope. TRACER is runtime software. TRACER:

  • Integrates with your existing OE Tier 1 and dealership test system
  • Runs on machines already in your service bay
  • Requires NO new hardware

You'll start saving money the moment you implement TRACER.

No teardowns. No wasted hours. No problem.

Contact us for more information about TRACER.

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