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True Digital Transformation

A single source for all your technical documentation

Service experience is crucial to customer satisfaction. Now more than ever, technicians need a stable and effective portal for service documentation.

Unfortunately, most technicians are saddled with archaic legacy systems built amid a frantic digital transformation.

Does your online technical documentation take full advantage of the digital environment? Or do your techs face slow searches, system crashes and mountains of irrelevant data?

Better living through information architecture

Our service portal solution streamlines your technical document portal for:

  • Faster search
  • Better stability and security
  • Greater efficiency and flexibility

Centralized management of users and groups lets you modify access privileges, task assignments, behaviors, information searching and more.

Advanced API

Our API integrates siloed databases multiple ways. Content can be migrated or aggregated when it needs to stay in its current location.

You can't get more specific than that

Better yet, a global PIN/VIN feature delivers only those documents and sections relevant to the current session. This gives techs the full maintenance history of the precise product they're servicing so they can pinpoint and resolve issues even faster.

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Track and guide

All communication takes place inside the service portal itself—technicians never need an external email product for service-related messaging. Messages can drive and dictate service-related events. You can push-notify techs about relevant TSBs—critical TSBs can even halt further activity and demand attention. You can assign impact priorities and track subsequent action to make sure a notice was addressed.

If your team is attached to the legacy system, we can implement these improvements with zero disruption to your current look-and-feel or underlying data. By shoring up users, content and context, you can help technicians do their jobs even as you increase their alignment with business needs.

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