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Build a better helpdesk—overnight—with the world's smartest helpdesk plug-in

Support requests are up, customer satisfaction is down

When a customer contacts your support center, they don't want to be transferred, put on hold or forced to contact you multiple times for the same issue. They want answers—now.

When that doesn't happen, your helpdesk bears the brunt—and customer satisfaction plummets. Of helpdesk support agents surveyed:

  • Over 50% say they lack the proper tools and information to properly help customers

That's why helpdesks suffer some of the highest turnover of any industry—with constant staffing issues and huge costs in new hires and new-hire training.

The smart way to help your customers

PubHub HelpDesk pulls all your product information out of isolated silos and into a single, definitive knowledge base. PDFs, FAQs, videos, tutorials—if it holds product answers, we'll make sure it's included.

Once installed, PubHub uses natural language processing to analyze each new helpdesk ticket. Then, it scans the entire knowledge base to find the ideal response materials, and automatically filters the results for context.

So customers get the answers they need—immediately—without a long wait, being transferred, or your support agent having to search the knowledge base.

For live agents or AI

PubHub works for DIY support systems, too. Wherever customers need answers, our system delivers them in the ideal format—whether it's audio, video, text-to-speech, images or explanatory text.

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Seamless integration with your current helpdesk software

You'll have PubHub's HelpDesk extension up and running—literally overnight—without any help from IT.

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