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Faster, Easier, Far More Accurate

Time is money

Machines are the foundation of your business. And, let's face it, machines ain't cheap. When they go offline, it's a problem.

When that happens, you need the right replacement part, you need it quickly and you don't have time for human error.

Complete replacement parts management

Our unique product package offers comprehensive management of your spare parts catalog, from the bill of materials to the publication itself. Product definitions, videos and exploded 3-D part views let you track which component pieces comprise a larger spare part. And single-source, multi-channel delivery provides easy access via laptop, desktop, tablet or on-board system.

You'll recognize the parts you need—quickly and easily—so you can place the right order every time. Even if you can't name a component, the Electronic Parts Catalog ensures fast identification—simply tap the part and add it to your cart.

Easy as one, two, three

Our innovative catalog approach starts with materials tracking right from the initial creation of a product. We connect the entire catalog to the original bill of materials.

Once that connection is made, it's easy to track part changes throughout the product lifecycle. When part suppliers or component designs change, our built-in change management updates the catalog automatically.

Assembly Line Machinery

An all-industry solution

Our catalog methodology adapts to a wide range of industries. We serve pharmaceutical, packaging, lumber processing, textile, automotive, dentistry and more.

If your business relies on parts and components, our Electronic Parts Catalog can help.

Unique advantages

Our competitors only manage the publication of your parts catalog. Tweddle Group manages the entire cycle from development through update. And we provide expert validation of every publication.

Get the right parts—right away—with Tweddle Group's Electronic Parts Catalog.

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