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We all know the rush of a new product purchase. It's an exciting moment for any customer. But for the manufacturer, it's make-or-break. Will ownership reward that new product rush or will the buyer encounter frustration, give up on fully using the product and look to the competition for their next purchase?

Smart customer onboarding sustains the new-purchase rush. It makes your product a crucial part of the customer's lifestyle. It builds an ongoing relationship between buyer and brand and forms a straight path to unbeatable customer loyalty.

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We cover onboarding from every angle to create comprehensive information strategies:

The owner's manual forms the foundation of any information strategy. These days, it takes many different forms—and we support all of them. We provide:

  • Authoring
  • Validation
  • Design
  • Manufacturing

And we can do it all under one roof.

Some owners prefer full-form physical manuals. Others appreciate the ease of concise user guides. Some like physical copies and some prefer digital. The average customer will probably reach for different formats at different times, depending on situation and context. Our one-stop shop structure delivers it all—with flexibility, consistency and expertise—to ensure a seamless experience for you and your customers.

Mobile has usurped desktop for all web traffic. And most mobile use doesn't happen through a browser. It happens on apps.1

What's your app strategy look like? A smart product app is a key component of the customer relationship. Apps create a bridge between the owner, the product, and you.

Mobile apps also hold unexplored levels of potential for customer-brand interaction, with capacities for accessory sales, upkeep alerts and easy scheduling for maintenance and repair. And, once installed, an app can become a trusted user resource, relied upon again and again in a variety of circumstances.

1 People view 4.2x more products per session within apps, compared to mobile sites. Criteo.

Video dominates every other form of online content.2 And, increasingly, viewers turn to video for one reason—instruction.

Customers prefer product information videos direct from the manufacturer. If none exist, owners will seek answers from third-party videos, and those answers may well be unbranded, inaccurate or out-of-step with your information strategy.

We leverage decades of information experience and a robust video production unit to create top-quality product information videos.

2 Roesler, Peter. INTERNET VIDEO TO ACCOUNT FOR 80% OF GLOBAL TRAFFIC BY 2019, date unknown.

What does the ideal information solution look like?

  • Fast, intuitive and easy to search
  • Capable of delivering and filtering VIN-specific information
  • Cloud-connected for regular updates
  • Hostable on-board, so it can run regardless of wi-fi reception
  • Concise, so on-the-go users can look and comprehend quickly

And it would live right inside the touchscreen display, always within reach of the owner.

Meet In-Vehicle Help, the perfect information solution.

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