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Technology. In Human Terms.

The art of customer experience

Customer experience is all about the relationship between human beings and technology. It's about communication and a focus on people. It's an art form.

Our award-winning creative teams put a human frame around your information to reinforce your brand and ensure clear, powerful engagement with the people who use your products.

We provide full production capacity and expertise for in-studio voiceover, foreign language translations, sound design, mixing and stock music/SFX search and licensing. We also record on-location live events, podcasts and audio books.

Sometimes you need to defy the laws of physics—hey, there's no way around it—and sometimes you need to do it with mind-boggling 3-D photorealism. Our CAD/CGI team can animate exploded part views, take you inside complex machinery or (literally) render your products in the very best possible light. From simple catalog line drawings to hyperreal models and environments, CGI & Illustration can do it all.

Technical copy. Raw engineering data. Not exactly beach reading, right? Fair enough, but our writing team's mission is to take material like that and turn it into clear, understandable content that ordinary people can read and make sense of. Whatever the end deliverable, our writers consider the audience, purpose, SEO needs and message of a piece, then bring it to life in everyday language.

We're each bombarded by an endless stream of visual communication, and every day it gets harder to make sense of it all. Our Design team applies years of agency background to create experiences that slice through the noise, grab your attention and communicate complex ideas with clarity and force.

Tweddle Group's intrepid photography experts capture subjects on-location or in-the-studio, record video or on-camera interviews and stream your event live over the web. Contact them to retouch your existing photographs for greater quality and appeal, manage catalog parts identification, or apply photogrammetry to unlock the information inside pictures. If you'd like to take advantage of high-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI) or create an immersive, 360° video experience, those are Tweddle Group specialties.

Enjoy the power and agility of our scalable, in-house production teams. From high-octane special projects to lean productions that get the job done, we'll take it from concept to delivery with gorgeous production value. We adjust the presentation to best suit each project, from clean and direct to full-on virtual reality, and we can translate your video into any language for any market. Once it's complete, we'll leverage our SEO knowledge to make sure the finished product is seen by your target audience.

It's one thing to "be online". It's something else to offer customers a fully-engaging web presence with real utility and value. We'll determine the ideal solution for your project, develop an SEO strategy, then build exactly what you need. We design seamless online user experiences and create truly responsive web environments. We can optimize your site for mobile, incorporate streaming audio and video, provide server hosting, maintenance and analytics—even connect your site to a new or existing database.

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