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Guided Diagnostics

Fix It Right The First Time. Every Time.

Business as usual is costing you. Big time.

In traditional repair, even the best technician is limited by their personal knowledge base. In the face of unfamiliar diagnostic trouble code clusters, techs resort to trial-and-error and each misdiagnosis triggers a domino effect:

  • Ordering parts that won't fix the problem
  • More downtime to reorder and retest new parts
  • Rental car reimbursements

What's worse, extended repairs destroy customer trust.

A smarter way to diagnose

With Guided Diagnostics, techs can:

  • Fix it right the first time—every time
  • Reduce incorrect part orders
  • Reduce vehicle damage

Customers get their vehicles quicker, and service bays experience fewer callbacks.

Make the data work for you

When techs use Guided Diagnostics, they open up a new world of data gathering and analytics, which can:

  • Identify trends
  • Spot trouble components
  • Eliminate issues before they spread through production
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Improve service satisfaction with Guided Diagnostics.

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