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New Generation TechDoc (NG TD/TD1) Case Study

Give Your Technicians the Information They Need

Online technical documentation is a technician's go-to information resource. Nevertheless, digital's real potential here remains largely untapped. Applied correctly, digital technical information could:

  • Improve the accuracy and efficiency of repair
  • Allow flat-rate techs to earn more money
  • Improve the customer service experience
  • Generate greater revenue for dealer and independent service outlets

In short, for most service operations, the digital transformation is far from a done deal. Many systems live in an awkward limbo between traditional, printed information and archaic digital legacy systems propped up on makeshift stilts. Few companies fully exploit the benefits offered by a digital service portal.

Greater Speed, Stability and Security

Toyota approached us about their then-current online technical documentation. We identified some key areas of improvement:

  • System speed
  • System security
  • Search function operation
  • Load balancer stability
  • Feature set

The client voiced concerns about the system's update process, which entailed significant duplication of effort and allowed inaccuracies to enter the knowledge base.

Tweddle Group signed on to transform their system into something faster and more efficient while maximizing its potential utility for technicians.

There were just three small problems...

Don't Change a Thing Except the Entire Experience


The transition had to be seamless. Any system outage would impact Toyota's European service operation.


No, seriously. Seamless. Technicians had been using the existing system for years. With a base of 10-15,000 users, there was no time for training. Outwardly, the new system had to look and function exactly like the old system.


It had to happen quickly. Turnaround time was tight.

Background Design Background Design

All change would have to occur within the skin and framework of the current system. Tweddle Group solution designers adopted a mantra of, "evolution, not revolution".

Service Portal Icon

Evolution, Not Revolution

Working quickly, Tweddle Group collaborated with Toyota to develop a customized New-Generation TechDoc infrastructure — NG TD for authorized dealerships and TD1 for independents. Tweddle Group would tailor-build this TechDoc iteration from the living components of their current system—while incorporating a wish-list of brand-new features:

  • Faster search
  • Single-page access portal
  • Greater security
  • Greater stability
  • Better versioning
  • Global VIN concept
  • In-system testing
  • Specific maintenance and repair instructions
  • Hybrid battery estimates
  • Integrated reporting
  • Wide-use model
  • Role assignment

NG TD/TD1's advanced content-delivery platform aggregates and visualizes information stored outside the system. A streamlined core infrastructure quickly displays information at a highly granular level.

Step Right Up

Technicians acclimated to NG TD's intuitive interface without any training whatsoever. Users marveled at the new feature set and elevated experience even as they appreciated the familiar look and feel.

NG TD/TD1 slashed the time needed to perform various tests and diagnostics. Uptime improved. More tests could be performed each day, which increased dealership revenue.

Toyota launched NG TD/TD1 throughout Europe and employed it in other territories as well. Users even kept their old authentication credentials, and no new registration was needed to use the upgraded system.

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Centralized Service Reporting

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