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Centralized Service Reporting Case Study

A major farm equipment manufacturer found some issues in their online service reporting system.

We helped them create a streamlined, central technician hub that's easier to operate and better for the business.

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How to improve an online technical resource

First, we helped locate and define inefficiencies in the client's technical resource structure:

  • Issue reports lived in silos and resolutions were hard to find
  • Global teams duplicated one another's investigations
  • The central repository could not assign issues

Under this siloed, decentralized structure, some markets couldn't even access certain solution reports.

Whatever we did to correct this, the core databases had to remain intact. Working within that limitation, we developed a vast improvement plan.

Unify global reporting systems

  1. Enable a central repository
  2. Standardize metadata
  3. Establish better processes to eliminate duplication of effort

The global operational reach presented some major challenges. Each of the client's international markets used a completely different system. Some used off-the-shelf solutions while others maintained their own, homegrown systems. Each market had developed a localized nomenclature, so region-to-region translations were difficult. With inconsistencies in platform and terminology, it took forever for issue reports to reach corporate HQ.

Eliminate duplication of effort

Tweddle Group reworked the existing system and incorporated many features of the Service Portal package. The update featured:

  • Centralized issue reporting
  • Easy standardization, normalization and aggregation of metadata
  • Centralized viewing access for all existing reports

Under the new system, corporate HQ can select which reports are relevant to specific markets and configure viewing rights accordingly. Issues can be assigned from a central location. Investigation and solution reports only need to be filed once, and the results are easily accessible to anyone who might benefit.

Central control of all service reporting

The new system brought all service reporting into one centralized structure without disrupting the underlying databases. There's no more duplication of effort, information is more accurate and travels much faster within the system, and translation times have been slashed many times over. The client now enjoys immediate purview of their entire technical operation.

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