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Ford Raptor Performance Videos Case Study

Beast of Prey

Are they performance instructions, safety videos or just high-octane truckomania? Yes. Yes, they are.

Right and Wrong

Ford designed the Raptor for high-speed travel on harsh, unforgiving terrain. Billed as an ultra-powered "dune buggy on steroids", the Raptor naturally appeals to a particular kind of driver—one who buys a vehicle for the express purpose of testing its capacity. This demographic likes to "push" their vehicles with great aggression.

As the warranty claims poured in, Ford and Tweddle Group joined forces to stem the flow of ruined Raptors. Safe & Proper Use videos were in order—safety videos, for lack of a better term. Which raised another issue: Raptors exist for dangerous driving.

As a result, initial damage reports were extremely high, and not due to extreme use. The Raptor was, after all, designed for extreme use. The issue was, in fact, improper use. Raptors weren't being pushed too hard. They were being pushed incorrectly.

Now, keep in mind, the average Raptor owner is not worried about safety.

So. How do you get Raptor owners to sit down and watch a bunch of safety videos?

Sheep In Wolf's Clothing

The answer is: you don't. Instead, you give them a bunch of high-octane "performance" videos... safety videos in disguise. Under the cloak of rock-chomping, mud-spewing excitement, Raptor owners would learn the right way to approach extreme driving. They'd see how to test the limits of their vehicles within the parameters of their design.

Natural Habitat

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Tweddle Group worked with Ford's engineering and legal departments to calibrate the project's message. Then our Creative teams got to work. The production combined sharp, in-studio filming with rigorous, on-location running footage. Ford gave Tweddle Group two trucks to work with and unprecedented access to the hills, forests and streams of their proving grounds. We captured the Raptor as it jumped, forded streams and executed terrifying g-outs.

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Extreme Safety

Tweddle Group produced a series of bold, proper-use videos. Crucial safety information is served up in a slick and engaging package no Raptor owner or off-road aficionado could possibly resist. The videos reduced damage and warranty claims and—as a side benefit—reinforced the Raptor brand.

Thanks to these videos, owners can enjoy the full Raptor experience without unwanted vehicle damage.

An accompanying mobile site rounded out the project. It hosts the videos in perpetuity and organizes them according to feature set.

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