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In-Vehicle Help Case Study

Do Not Adjust Your Touchscreen

Tweddle Group's In-Vehicle Help (IVH) brings an interactive, searchable, VIN-specific concierge to the head unit's infotainment touchscreen. FCA was the first OEM to make IVH a part of their onboard feature package. In terms of accessibility and intuitive usability, IVH marks a radical development in the world of Owner's Information.

An Automatic Manual?

Good technical support builds a critical bond between driver, vehicle and OEM. Maintenance of this bond serves every party involved. While printed reference material will always be part of this equation, research indicates increasing demand for new Owner's Information solutions.

The industry faces three questions:

  • What should these solutions look like?
  • How might they be executed?
  • And how can OEMs truly transform printed Owner's Information for the digital age?

Here and Now

In-Vehicle Help—or IVH—responds to a full range of emergent consumer demands. It reimagines owner's information as an immediate, expansive touchscreen experience within the vehicle cabin.

Building IVH

Man typing at computer

IVH is flexible and extendable. Intelligence downloads from the cloud to determine appearance, layout, user experience and content.

Each IVH iteration constitutes a unique client application.

Our design and technology teams create a new look, feel and user experience for each IVH client.

Tweddle Group created specific versions of the Vehicle User Guide to ensure alignment with FCA's individual brand identities (Dodge, Chrysler, etc.).

In all cases, IVH leverages pre-approved technical material from Tweddle's content management system so no new authoring is required.

This preserves content integrity and renders additional approvals unnecessary.

That's Using Your Head Unit

In Q4 2015, FCA unveiled the Vehicle User Guide, the first mass-market deployment of IVH and the first market use of interactive owner's information on the in-vehicle touchscreen. It launched on Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger, and is now available on select Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram vehicles equipped with Uconnect 4C systems. Other OEMs have collaborated with Tweddle Group on their own customized iterations of IVH.

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