HMI Design

Complex technology can prove challenging to users and that is why we design each user interface to ensure a simple and intuitive information experience. The vehicle ownership experience is enhanced with our user centered interactive solutions for mobile, web, and in-vehicle applications. We ensure information is delivered in a safe and engaging way.

Tweddle's Human Machine Interface (HMI) design team, which consists of engineers, graphic designers and human factors specialists, expertly crafts software environments that meet the demands of the technology while maintaining maximum usability by:

  • Conducting research and focus groups to promote continued understanding of the user's needs and expectations
  • Seamlessly integrating the user interface with the hardware and software
  • Simplifying functionality to limit the number of clicks, key strokes and voice commands required to navigate the system
  • Reducing cognitive distraction in the user’s environment
  • Providing a fully branded look that reinforces the product message